1st Course 2015/2016
(a 3 semester program)

Autumn:              October – December 2015                     

Overview of the New Testament;
Fundamentals of Christian Doctrine;

Winter:                 January – March 2016                           

Overview of the Old Testament (Part I)
Cults and World Religions
The Inductive Bible Study Method

Spring:                 April – May 2016                                      

Overview of the Old Testament (Part II);
Basic Doctrine of Calvary Chapel

2nd Course 2016/2017
(a 3 semester program)

Autumn:              October – December 2016                    ___

Pastoral Epistles
Evangelism in missions
Difficult Places in Scripture

Winter:                January – March 2017                            __

Church History

Spring:                 April – May 2017                                      _

The Book of Revelation
The Book of Acts