Calvary Chapel: The Global Movement Calvary Chapel: The Global Movement


Calvary Chapel is a non-denominational protestant fellowship of churches*. However, as a movement we associate ourselves with the global movement Calvary Chapel churches, that began in southern California in 1965. The first church was Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, founded by pastor Chuck Smith which consisted of around 25 people. Now these services are attended by over 10 thousand people weekly.

Pastor Chuck’s heart went out  to the hippie generation, to surfers and drug addicts.  God began an amazing work in the hearts of the Californian youth when thousands of people started to come to Christ, many through the ministry of “Calvary Chapel”. This spiritual revival spread throughout the 60’s and 70’s across all of America from the coast of California to the Atlantic and abroad and became known as  “The Jesus Movement”.


Today “Calvary Chapel” has developed into a movement that brings together more than 1,500 churches in more than 60 countries. A list of the churches and their addresses are here. тут.

Also, Calvary Chapel began an international  publishing and broadcasting service “The Word for Today” along with Calvary Chapel  Bible College with more than 20 affiliates worldwide.

«Слово на сьогодні», а також «Біблійний Коледж Церкви Голгофи» 

*The term “fellowship of churches” is used only to distinguish itself from amongst the many other Christian denominations.